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2 Peter

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Purposeful Patience

2 Peter 3:15-16

There is a big difference between strategic waiting and apathy. The first has a purpose in mind which cannot be completed until the time is right; the second has no interest in any end-point irrespective of the time. But God is never apathetic, He cares so deeply about everybody that He does not want anybody to perish; so He gives more time for sinners to repent (

On Guard

2 Peter 3:17

Peter really cared about the new believers; especially those who would face persecution. His final words of this letter sum up the reason for writing. He is not just a theorist because he is just about to face his own death as a martyr: so he shows the genuine affection in his heart for his readers, by calling them, "dear friends". He is not writing as a fierce schoolteacher but as a brother in Christ. And he is not presuming them to be ignorant, because they already know what he is writing about; but he knows how readily we all forget.

Despite It All, Grow!

2 Peter 3:18

Which is more important in a battle: not to retreat, or to go forwards? Peter's letter has been full of warnings not to go backwards; reminding the early church to beware of false teachers and stay true to the Holy Scriptures. But in this last verse, before his martyrdom, he reminds them that they are designed to go forwards: to grow up into Christ. Yes, it is very important to identify heresy and to steer well clear: but heresy hunting can become almost a 'professional' Christian activity.