Word@Work, Let God's Word energise your working day!

Readers' Comments

“I really appreciate the content of Word@Work posted as daily reading. Particularly the description of every single verses of the day, it is very useful for in-depth knowledge about the context, and the same has developed my understanding for the word of God. I am very much thankful to the Word@Work team and congratulate them as they devote their time for the Kingdom of God.”

Agriculture - India

“Praying is made so easy & purposeful on Word@Work. Thank you for the series. I really do enjoy reading your daily scriptures & background information/analysis that usually follows.”

Medic - South Africa

“It is really helpful as use it @ church as most the members are unemployed and unschooled we are in an informal settlement thank you for the help I get daily.”

Storeman - South Africa

“Word@Work has provided me with a solid Biblical background that has enabled me to enjoy reading the Bible.”

Bible Translator - Kenya

“Heavenly manna for people like me who are away from home at work.”

Engineer - India

“Word@Work is a powerful tool which may be used or incorporated with other means, to lead persons to Christ or strengthen their Faith.”

Civil Service - Jamaica

“I really enjoy Word@Work. The easy to read format and that it is Biblically sound is very important to me. I also like the way the readings appear when the cursor is placed on the verse. Thank you for the effort you put into this study.”

Retired Administrator - United States

“I am currently downloading with the intention of printing and use it in the future according to the vision I have of forming a prayer group.”

Retired Office Manager - Malawi

“You have brought the Bible to my phone. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to reach out to the World. God bless y'all.”

Social Worker - Kenya

“I like this devotional because it's comprehensive and I like the scripture links!”

Retired Busker - United Kingdom

“Very good tool. Use it as a daily devotion within my household. Keep you focus on a book at a time, commentaries are great. Good job. Kudos to your team.”

Clerk - Barbados

“I want to thank you for your daily encouragements! It is the first thing I read in the morning and it has often been the right word at the right time... I am richly blessed by it. So thank you and keep doing the good work. It has an impact in at least one life, mine :). God bless you and I hope you may be filled with the JOY of CHRIST-mas!”

Florist - Belgium

“Word@Work keeps a busy worker in the presence of God. It refreshes and revitalizes the spirit daily.”

Miner - Zambia

“It's so much of help to me when working among the local community (mostly Islamic). I have learnt Basic doctrine to share. Plz keep up the good job.”

Voluntary Community Worker - Kenya

“The message has really improved my relationship with God and more understanding of the Bible. Many Bible passages I don't understand before come to me in a more simpler way and understanding. Thank you.”

Retired Minister - Nigeria

“Word@Work provide expository study of the Bible. In some cases, I use Word@Work as basis for preaching and prayer session in the church.”

Accountancy - Nigeria

“I like word @ work because it breaks down the Bible reading in a way that it passes a new message every time.”

Education Consultant - Nigeria

“Word@Work has been a source of sound teaching, challenge and support to me, at my desk and in my daily life for the past few years. That daily opportunity to hear God's voice, pause, pray and consecrate my desk, work, workplace and ministry is such a blessing. It is singularly the most faithful and helpful Christian resource I have used across those years and is my "if nothing else today" opportunities to reach out and hear from God - not matter where I am or what else is happening. I use this with HTB BIOY (Bible in one year) as the 2 main resources and they also complement each other well. I also regularly share what I read with others when it resonates with where they are at - as a course of encouragement, challenge and insight. Thank you for your faithfulness. I feel part of a "working community church" in this respect.”

Leadership Development - United Kingdom

“Very concise and instructive.”

Auto Technician - Trinidad and Tobago

“It is helping me put together a study of the books in the New Testament.”

Sales Person - South Africa