Word@Work, Let God's Word energise your working day!

Readers' Comments

“It's been a real encouragement to have Gods Word, explained and prompting me share the Lord Jesus and see Him at work each day. ”

Volunteer Administrator - UK

“I like the daily challenge to share my faith with someone. I also like the small doses of scripture expanded at a time which allows me to meditate appropriately. Going through one book at a time also helps me study well and catch up if I miss any day’s devotions. ”

Medicine - Nigeria

“I am so grateful as Word@Work simply and easily breaks down the daily verses and gives an explanation of how to apply to daily living with prayers to help us. Well done. ”

Homemaker/Family Carer - Guyana

“W@W has over the years inspired, edified and lifted me spiritually. It helps me start everyday on a beautiful slate with my Creator. I'd recommend W@W to you if you want a permanent change in your life. ”

Network Marketing - Nigeria

“Word@Work has been a great blessing to my Christian life. It explains verse by verse in a very easy way that I understand just like if I am part of the story. Thank you all & may God continue to bless. ”

Tour Guide - Belize

“Word@Work has truly helped to increase my Christian walk, faith and my personal relationships to God and to people. ”

Domestic Worker - Hong Kong

“Word@Work has really increased my spiritual life positively. I really appreciate all of you at Word@Work and pray the Good Lord bless you all abundantly. ”

Oil and Gas - Nigeria

“I really appreciate the content of Word@Work posted as daily reading. Particularly the description of every single verses of the day, it is very useful for in-depth knowledge about the context, and the same has developed my understanding for the word of God. I am very much thankful to the Word@Work team and congratulate them as they devote their time for the Kingdom of God.”

Agriculture - India

“Praying is made so easy & purposeful on Word@Work. Thank you for the series. I really do enjoy reading your daily scriptures & background information/analysis that usually follows.”

Medic - South Africa

“It is really helpful as use it @ church as most the members are unemployed and unschooled we are in an informal settlement thank you for the help I get daily.”

Storeman - South Africa

“Word@Work has provided me with a solid Biblical background that has enabled me to enjoy reading the Bible.”

Bible Translator - Kenya

“Heavenly manna for people like me who are away from home at work.”

Engineer - India

“Word@Work is a powerful tool which may be used or incorporated with other means, to lead persons to Christ or strengthen their Faith.”

Civil Service - Jamaica

“I really enjoy Word@Work. The easy to read format and that it is Biblically sound is very important to me. I also like the way the readings appear when the cursor is placed on the verse. Thank you for the effort you put into this study.”

Retired Administrator - United States

“I am currently downloading with the intention of printing and use it in the future according to the vision I have of forming a prayer group.”

Retired Office Manager - Malawi

“You have brought the Bible to my phone. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to reach out to the World. God bless y'all.”

Social Worker - Kenya

“I like this devotional because it's comprehensive and I like the scripture links!”

Retired Busker - United Kingdom

“Very good tool. Use it as a daily devotion within my household. Keep you focus on a book at a time, commentaries are great. Good job. Kudos to your team.”

Clerk - Barbados

“I want to thank you for your daily encouragements! It is the first thing I read in the morning and it has often been the right word at the right time... I am richly blessed by it. So thank you and keep doing the good work. It has an impact in at least one life, mine :). God bless you and I hope you may be filled with the JOY of CHRIST-mas!”

Florist - Belgium

“Word@Work keeps a busy worker in the presence of God. It refreshes and revitalizes the spirit daily.”

Miner - Zambia