Word@Work, Let God's Word energise your working day!

Readers' Comments

“It has been a tool that has really transformed my life. ”

Unemployed Electrician - Kenya

“A great way to draw closer to God and learn more about how we can show/use our faith at work.”

Physicist - United Kingdom

“Word@Work is simple to understand, the information is very good and interpretation of the scripture verses is great the manner in which you are directed to the verses in the Bible to prove your point is excellent. ”

Fire Fighter - Trinidad and Tobago

“The word has been a great strength and has encouraged me to live a God fearing life especially in environments which are very challenging and has enabled me to face temptations successfully though I have missed many opportunities to rise in my career. ”

Civil Engineer - Sri Lanka

“I get a sense of love of God and often share with others who do not have access to a computer due to age. ”

Retired Nurse - United States

“I read Word@Work daily and truly blessed to be able to read it. I'm learning and growing in God and keep Him front and centre in my life daily. I'm not able to attend church regularly now and be with Christians but this helps me to still grow and learn. Thank you. ”

Home care - Canada

“I personally enjoy reading your scripture messages first thing in the morning, gives you a great start to a new day. Praise the Lord. ”

Welding fabrication - Trinidad and Tobago

“Helps me in my daily walk with Jesus. ”

Railway - United Kingdom

“Word@Work for me is a bit like having a personal mentor and prayer partner...”

Primary School Teacher - South Africa

“Word@Work is a pillar of support and encouragement to the start of my day. it forms a wonderful daily basis for my bible study and prayer life and I wouldn't want to be without it so thank you. ”

PA - United Kingdom

“I'm a IT application designer. Word@Work is a great blessing for me that I've not much time to study the Bible. I work 12 hours out of house. I've to take care of my children. ”

Information Technology - Italy

“I found comments on texts of the day very insightful and exploring, it gives me deeper and broader understanding of the scriptures. God bless Word@Work. ”

Voluntary worker/Accounting - Ireland

“It had added much to my knowledge about the Bible that has benefited me immensely to prepare a sermon as and when I need it. ”

Retired from education - Pakistan

“Living overseas it is great to receive regular thoughtful insights into God's Word in English. ”

Retired teaching/Journalist - Slovakia

“Word@Work had been an invigorating experience each day. I always look forward to my Mondays!”

Engineer - Nigeria

“Since receiving Word@Work I have found it to be very informative and when I have been going through difficult times, 9 times out of 10 the message that I receive at that particular time has been full of encouragement and guidance as to how I should approach the problem that I was going through. The way the messages are explained by Dr Adams is absolutely brilliant and the wealth of knowledge he has passed on to me is wonderful. May this continually grow from strength to strength and I pray for God's Blessings on this ministry it has been wonderful for me over the past few years. ”

Retired Traffic Engineer - South Africa

“Word@Work has improved my Bible reading skills. The daily devotional helps me to at least read through scriptures step by step. There are days when I even have no time for the Bible, but through this ministry, I am able to reflect on the word every single day. Thank you and be blessed!”

Banker - Uganda

“Very timely and direct messages. The Word is used very often in the devotions, which is so important.”

Homemaker / Family carer - Jamaica

“Word@Work is spiritually uplifting. It has been my early morning spiritual tonic since I connected to it.”

Petroleum Gas Distributor - Nigeria

“I love Word at Work. For years have read it on the move at some point during day. Recently I have been reading it with my wife who now also loves it and subscribes. We try to read together most days first thing but if not at least we both read at some point in day and can discuss when opportunity arises. I regularly recommend it to people and forward on for them to subscribe but do not repeatedly forward to same person so have tried to answer questions according. I would be very happy to discuss ideas on its use and development. I normally read on I-phone which recently has minor configuration issue.”

Banker - United Kingdom