Word@Work, Let God's Word energise your working day!


What is Word@Work?

Word@Work is an applied, consecutive, devotional commentary of the whole of the New Testament. It is designed for busy people in the workplace who want to understand God's Word, in order to let it shape their working day and enable them to explain it to others.

Who writes Word@Work?

Dr Paul Adams has over 30 years of pastoral, teaching and evangelistic experience. He aims to provide an accurate exposition of the text with practical application. The prayer at the end of each message is both a summary of the devotional and a way for readers to place themselves under God's authority.

Why do you not charge or get money from adverts?

BeaconLight believes that ministry should be free. However, it is not without cost. But we do not want to expose readers to adverts when our aim is for them to focus on God's Word.

Why is Word@Work scheduled for Monday to Friday?

Originally, Word@Work was written for people who worked in the City of London, from Monday to Friday. However, many people find that the 'two spare days' enable them to catch up if they have missed a day or to re-read all the week's devotionals. Some pastors use the week's material and prepare it for preaching on Sunday.

Can I read Word@Work ahead of schedule?

Yes, the app and website allow you to jump forward to the next devotional.

What Bible version is used?

We use the New International Version – (either 1984 or 2011). It is the Anglicised edition, so a few spellings will differ from other versions of English. Every translation has limitations, but this is one of the most useful for accuracy and accessibility – backed by good evangelical scholarship.

Can I use Word@Work in talks and sermons?

Yes, many people do. If you are quoting directly please acknowledge that it comes from Word@Work by Dr Paul Adams.

Can I copy and distribute Word@Work?

Yes, lots of people forward the emails and recommend the App. However, you are not allowed to charge anybody to receive or read it.

Who reads Word@Work?

Word@Work is read in almost every country of the world. About a third of our readers are in Christian Ministry, and half are in the workplace. You can see their comments here.

How does my friend get the app?

Just download it from the Word@Work website www.wordatwork.org.uk. Then add the Word@Work icon to your phone's home screen for instant access to all Word@Work.

How do I get started?

By default, the 'Latest' will always coincide with the devotional sent out by email that day.

How do I choose a new series of Bible readings?

If you want to work your way through a different book, then choose it from the menu. When you have opened a Word@Work episode, your App will give a green tick in the menu to that you know where you have got to.

How do I move to the next reading?

At the bottom of each reading there are 'previous' and 'next' navigations. On the 'Latest' series', on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, 'next' will take you to the following Monday to match the emailed Word@Work.

Does it work offline?

Yes. This is a really good thing about Word@Work. Your App stores all of the Word@Work database of every New Testament verse on your device. It also stores all of the Bible in the Anglicised NIV 2011. So you can use it for your devotional time, study or even sermon preparation when you are offline.

How do I get rid of the app?

Once installed, simply delete it from your home screen.

How can I subscribe to emails?

Just tap follow the link to our website and fill in your details in the purple box here.

What should I do if I get stuck?

Just email us at wordatwork@beaconlight.co.uk

How can I support BeaconLight/Word@Work?

If you would like to donate, and are able to do so, please support us. Your gift or regular donation will make all the difference to many people worldwide.