Word@Work, Let God's Word energise your working day!

Readers' Comments

“Living overseas it is great to receive regular thoughtful insights into God's Word in English. ”

Retired teaching/Journalist - Slovakia

“Word@Work had been an invigorating experience each day. I always look forward to my Mondays!”

Engineer - Nigeria

“Since receiving Word@Work I have found it to be very informative and when I have been going through difficult times, 9 times out of 10 the message that I receive at that particular time has been full of encouragement and guidance as to how I should approach the problem that I was going through. The way the messages are explained by Dr Adams is absolutely brilliant and the wealth of knowledge he has passed on to me is wonderful. May this continually grow from strength to strength and I pray for God's Blessings on this ministry it has been wonderful for me over the past few years. ”

Retired Traffic Engineer - South Africa

“Word@Work has improved my Bible reading skills. The daily devotional helps me to at least read through scriptures step by step. There are days when I even have no time for the Bible, but through this ministry, I am able to reflect on the word every single day. Thank you and be blessed!”

Banker - Uganda

“Very timely and direct messages. The Word is used very often in the devotions, which is so important.”

Homemaker / Family carer - Jamaica

“Word@Work is spiritually uplifting. It has been my early morning spiritual tonic since I connected to it.”

Petroleum Gas Distributor - Nigeria

“I love Word at Work. For years have read it on the move at some point during day. Recently I have been reading it with my wife who now also loves it and subscribes. We try to read together most days first thing but if not at least we both read at some point in day and can discuss when opportunity arises. I regularly recommend it to people and forward on for them to subscribe but do not repeatedly forward to same person so have tried to answer questions according. I would be very happy to discuss ideas on its use and development. I normally read on I-phone which recently has minor configuration issue.”

Banker - United Kingdom

“The word cultivates my inner being to be able to share his love to others.”

Telecommunication industry - New Zealand

“I love reading Word@Work first thing in the morning with a cup of tea and before anyone else is up, it helps me focus for the day ahead as well as helping me to get to know the Bible more!”

Primary school teacher - United Kingdom

“I write religious article for personal interest and publication on our local church paper and I appreciate additional points of view of Bible truths to increase my understanding.”

Retired Educationalist - Australia

“The commentaries on chapter by chapter give me a deeper insight into God's word.”

Retired finance worker - Singapore

“Over the years, I have found Word@Work very useful in my life and ministry. I use it a lot to develop my Bible teaching and sermon, it has been a blessing using it. I recommend it to as many people as possible because of its richness and edifying content. Keep the good work till the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless.”

Church Leader - Nigeria

“A very practical way to study the Bible in depth. Word@Work brings it alive, and the factual background cross referencing the Bible brings it all together.”

Retired nurse - United Kingdom

“Very good for the working people in countries where Christians are fewer.”

Energy worker - Kuwait

“Very encouraging messages with simplified explanations and carefully worded prayers. I thank God for this ministry and may God continue to increase the heavenly wisdom and knowledge so that the people behind this ministry can be able to continue sharing the gospel of truth throughout the ends of the earth.”

Manufacturing worker - Papua New Guinea

“A very useful study guide for anybody interested in reading the entire New Testament. ”

Student Lawyer - Kenya

“Word@Work gives good illustration and account of what happened in each verse of the Bible, I really appreciate Word@Work for the insight into the Bible, making it easy for one to understand in detail. The Lord will continue to strengthen and uphold Word@Work and all the entire team (Amen).”

Secretary - Nigeria

“Your teachings are in depth and I have learnt about the person and God in a greater manner, even at the age I am. Thank you.”

Retired Capital Equipment – Production - South Africa

“It is motivational and inspiring. There are stories that explains thoroughly and relates to life situations.”

Operations Coordinator - Canada

“A nice friend to carry with you.”

Retired IT Director - United States