Word@Work, Let God's Word energise your working day!

Readers' Comments

“It's so much of help to me when working among the local community (mostly Islamic). I have learnt Basic doctrine to share. Plz keep up the good job.”

Voluntary Community Worker - Kenya

“The message has really improved my relationship with God and more understanding of the Bible. Many Bible passages I don't understand before come to me in a more simpler way and understanding. Thank you.”

Retired Minister - Nigeria

“Word@Work provide expository study of the Bible. In some cases, I use Word@Work as basis for preaching and prayer session in the church.”

Accountancy - Nigeria

“I like word @ work because it breaks down the Bible reading in a way that it passes a new message every time.”

Education Consultant - Nigeria

“Word@Work has been a source of sound teaching, challenge and support to me, at my desk and in my daily life for the past few years. That daily opportunity to hear God's voice, pause, pray and consecrate my desk, work, workplace and ministry is such a blessing. It is singularly the most faithful and helpful Christian resource I have used across those years and is my "if nothing else today" opportunities to reach out and hear from God - not matter where I am or what else is happening. I use this with HTB BIOY (Bible in one year) as the 2 main resources and they also complement each other well. I also regularly share what I read with others when it resonates with where they are at - as a course of encouragement, challenge and insight. Thank you for your faithfulness. I feel part of a "working community church" in this respect.”

Leadership Development - United Kingdom

“Very concise and instructive.”

Auto Technician - Trinidad and Tobago

“It is helping me put together a study of the books in the New Testament.”

Sales Person - South Africa

“I like the fact Word@Work takes a Book in The Bible and completes it with explanations in simple English language. I like it because it makes me study The Bible and my life is being transformed daily. I also like the prayers at the end of every study. Always on point. God bless you.”

Public Servant - Ghana

“I really enjoy the study aspect off Word@Work as it very often serves to guide and strengthen my ministry.”

Sales Executive - South Africa

“Very informative and a great help and inspiration to our very busy life. I would recommend anytime to all church groups and workplace devotion groups. Simply excellent!”

Energy Sector - South Africa

“Word@Work is very helpful in making me aware the context of the verses I read in the scriptures.”

Technician - Philippines

“Living in China where there are no English or French speaking churches, I look forward to my time with the word from Word@Work.”

Retired Teacher - China

“There has been days over the last two years that I have found it very difficult to go into work because I was being bullied by another member of staff but I did not want to tell anyone, so I would sit in my car, in the staff car park and read word @ work , Gods word and the explanation gave me the strength to continue going into work, things have now turned round in a way one could not expect or believe, this is gods power which if I had not had Gods word to read I am sure things would have turn out a lot different - I truly give thanks to all those that sacrifice their time so word @ work is and pray that it continues because the impact that it has is awesome.”

Community Support - United Kingdom

“I have been able to read the Scriptures from a different perspective thanks to Word@Work. Not only does it help me grow spiritually, but also the ladies belonging to our ministry for sometimes I use your ideas to teach the Gospel from a different thoughtful viewpoint.”

Student - Chile

“Word@Work ensures I read a Bible passage every day and have to think seriously about what it teaches.”

Civil Service - United Kingdom

“I start my day with Word@Work, and take it with me throughout the day in my thoughts. A lot of the Scripture I am familiar with, but the commentary usually gives me a new perspective. It's sometimes feels odd on weekends when I have to start my day without Word@Work.”

Retired Warehouse Labourer - United States

“Very precise in expounding the Bible verses. It's very helpful, insightful and interesting. Thank you.”

Administrator - Malaysia

“I appreciate the free Word@Work I'm a seasonal worker and I have limited resources and extra time in the slow season to enjoy your site.”

Housekeeper - United States

“It is a beautiful daily reminder of Jesus.”

Retired Metalworker - Netherlands

“A great way to learn about the word of God verse by verse and grow deeper in faith. ”

Teacher - Kenya