Word@Work, Let God's Word energise your working day!

Readers' Comments

“Word@Work Bible study assisted me so much to understand the word of God. Especially the part that I most like is when historical background is always provided to the message. Help me to contextualise it. In addition, this Bible study also help me to improve my relationship with God on a daily basis. I am still asking for more prayers to make the word of God my priority and not an option. Thank you for helping me to read the word of God. ”

Fishing sector - Namibia

“Word@Work is very helpful for preparation of sermons and for teaching, especially to younger generation. ”

Retired Civil Engineer - India

“I love the way the Word is presented on Word@Work. Very apt and full of impact. ”

Government Employee - Nigeria

“The Bible references within the commentary help to cement the knowledge the Bible. ”

Farmer - Zimbabwe

“I find the commentary to Bible passages well researched and in context. The applications are realistic. ”

Retired Architecture - Canada

“In the midst of a very busy family and Professional life seeing Word@Work near the top of my electronic messages every morning reminds to spend some time with God which would otherwise get squeezed out. ”

Director in Industry - France

“A clear, concise daily reminder of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and a daily encouragement to share the gospel with others. ”

Pharmacist - United Kingdom

“Word@Work has been a tremendous source of authentic teachings and encouragement in the Christian faith!! Unfortunately, I often cannot make it to my church's Bible study, and so Word@Work has been a great substitute. Not only do the messages come as a devotional but it gives background information for better understanding of the times back then and Word@Work always makes it easy to relate to today's world. ”

Microbiology Student - Jamaica

“Its scripturally based, simple to understand and anointed. Speaks to my heart when I prepare materials for my Bible study class. Thank you, greatly blessed by this devotional. ”

Voluntary Worker - Malaysia

“W@W has been a blessing for my daily devotion, deepening my spiritual life and improving my prayer and relationships. The consistency and choice of books in the Bible promotes enhanced understanding. ”

Retired Professor - Ghana

“Through Word@Work, I got to know Jesus more and more each day. Thank you! ”

Teacher - Philippines

“I can’t imagine my day going without it! It has given me new insights into the verses that I have read many times in my life, along with the references provided. ”

Retired from Medicine - United States

“Word @Work is an awesome study program. Easy accessible well formulated and easy to follow. ”

Engineer - South Africa

“I read W@W regularly (though not always on the same day). I have learned a great deal from the teaching. It is especially good because unlike most daily devotions W@W covers whole books of the Bible over a period and in some depth. It is a good reference for Bible study. In groups and for personal study. ”

Retired Doctor - United Kingdom

“I find Word@Work an excellent resource to bring my faith to the fore of my thinking during times when it is easy to allow faith to take a backseat to the pressures of a working day. ”

Property Maintenance - United Kingdom

“I find Word @ Work truly inspirational. I read it every morning when I come into work and it sets me up fo4r the day. I take a lot of material from the daily ministry to use for my lay preaching. I share relevant texts and explanations with friends and family. It is a fantastic piece of work. ”

Oil and Gas - United Kingdom

“The daily lesson is so quick and easy to read. It helps me to understand the meaning behind the scriptures and ensures I stay focused on God for at least a short period in this busy life we lead. The lesson is easy to print and store for future reference. ”

Estate Agent Assistant - South Africa

“Word@Work is an invaluable resource for the busy executive who wants a brief faithful message of the good news in a demanding lifestyle. ”

Corporate Executive - South Africa

“Devotional in Word@Work has helped me to grow spiritually and have helped me to understand better duties and responsibility that I have as God's child towards my fellow believers and non-believers. ”

Research and Development - India

“Very helpful resource which inspires and encourages me to get more into the Bible. Very accessible messages which can be applied to everyday life. ”

Careers Advisor - United Kingdom