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Confidence with Jesus

Acts 4:13-15
When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realised that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. But since they could see the man who had been healed standing there with them, there was nothing they could say. So they ordered them to withdraw from the Sanhedrin and then conferred together. (NIVUK)

There is something irresistibly appealing about people who are confident, despite overwhelming opposition. When Peter and John were being interrogated about how a lame beggar was healed, they simply explained that the man had trusted in the Name of Jesus. He had obeyed when he was commanded to walk, even though he had never walked before. Jesus had healed him (Acts 3:1-10).

These fishermen had never been to university: they had probably worked with their fathers as boys and learned their trade as they went along. Like all Jewish boys, they had been taught to memorise parts of the Old Testament, but they had never studied theology. It was obvious in the way they presented themselves, that they were essentially uneducated.

But they had been with Jesus. They spoke like Him and said the same things that He had said. The mark of Christlikeness on them was evident to all who were in the religious court. We know that they were filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 4:8) but the Chief Priests and the Council recognised that what they said, and how they said it, was just like Jesus had spoken. Their claim that the man was healed through the Name of Jesus could not be disputed and the man, who previously could not walk, was standing in full view of the court.

We grow like the people we admire and spend time with. It is still true that people who trust Jesus, who read His Word and talk with Him, will become like Him. However much opposition comes, the disciples of Jesus can be confident when they tell the truth about Him (Hebrews 13:6). Jesus does not insist on great education, but great devotion. When the Holy Spirit places the life of Jesus inside us, and we obey Him, we have the confidence of integrity. So be encouraged. There may be much you do not know, but if you are walking with Jesus you will be His witness, confident to be His light in your workplace and community.

Heavenly Father. Thank You for pouring the life of Jesus into me by Your Holy Spirit. I repent of not always living closely with Him, paying attention to His Word and obeying His instructions. Please fill me again with Your Holy Spirit so that I may desire more of Christ and be more devoted to Him, so that I will be confident in His authority and power. In His Name. Amen.
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