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The Joy Of Seeing God's Promise Fulfilled

Galatians 4:27-28
For it is written: ‘Be glad, barren woman, you who never bore a child; break forth and cry aloud, you who were never in labour; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband.’ Now you, brothers and sisters, like Isaac, are children of promise. (NIVUK)

Paul wanted the Galatians to realise that his teaching about Hagar and Sarah was the same as the Old Testament prophets, as he quoted this verse from Isaiah 54:1. The barren and desolate woman was Sarah, the wife of Abraham, who wanted to give her husband a son and heir. Not being able to have children, she suggested that her husband should sleep with her maid Hagar to get a child. It was a wrong and faithless decision; she did not trust that God would fulfil His promise and that He was far more interested in continuing Abraham’s line than she was!
However God, who had promised that Abraham and Sarah would have a child, did keep His promise. Isaac was the first ‘child of promise’ and through him the Old Testament line of faith can be traced all the way to Jesus Christ. Sarah’s joy at the birth of her own son (when she was 90 years old) was overflowing (Genesis 21:1-7). Even though her faith was fragile, God kept His promise when she finally believed His Word (Hebrews 11:11).
We cannot understand how God works, and often He leaves His action until the last moment. Where we think something is impossible, He performs a miracle. Even when we interfere with His plan, He still has a way to bring everything together to fulfil His purpose (Romans 8:28). He is not deterred by our fragile faith but urges us to trust Him even when we think it is laughable. Trust Him, wait for Him, do not follow your own logic but be content until He reveals His solution.

Almighty God. Thank You for the promise that You will fulfil all Your plans and that You love to include Your children for their good and Your glory. I repent of my foolishness, running ahead of You because I have not been willing to wait for Your answer. Please help me to understand that You do love me and that Your great purposes for the world do not conflict with Your plans for me. Give me eyes to see that You want me to be a part of what You are doing in bringing people to Yourself and demonstrating Your glory to the world. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
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