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John the Baptist Testified to the Deity of Jesus

John 5:31-35
‘If I testify about myself, my testimony is not true. There is another who testifies in my favour, and I know that his testimony about me is true. ‘You have sent to John and he has testified to the truth. Not that I accept human testimony; but I mention it that you may be saved. John was a lamp that burned and gave light, and you chose for a time to enjoy his light. (NIVUK)

Jesus fascinated but also puzzled the people.  With Jesus making amazing statements about people having eternal life if they believe in Him, and His being appointed to judge all of humanity (John 5:24-27), people were asking, ‘How do we know who Jesus really is?  Is it possible for Him to be the Messiah of God?’  These are good questions.  If Jesus is not the Son of God, there are only two possibilities: either He was deluded or wicked.  But if He is Divine, then we must all submit to Him.

In Jewish law, serious issues, such as blasphemy, could not be decided on the testimony of one person, but needed two or three witnesses (Deuteronomy 19:15).  Although all the words of Jesus were true, He applied the same legal standard to Himself and appealed to three witnesses, so that His hearers would believe in Him and be saved.

Today's passage gives us the first of the three witness statements: what John the Baptist said.  The other two follow on: what Jesus did (John 5:36), and what the Scriptures say about Him (John 5:37-40).  Although John the Baptist was a disturbing figure, people were attracted to him.  He had integrity; what he said seemed authentic and consistent with the Old Testament Scriptures.  So when the religious lawyers cross-examined John, he told them plainly that Jesus was indeed the Son of God (John 1:32-34).

Everybody who knows Jesus, and has submitted their life to Him (as John the Baptist did), becomes a lamp; shining with the truth about Jesus (Philippians 2:14-16).  Like John, we are not the Light of the World - that title is reserved for Jesus alone (John 1:7-8).  We are only temporary lamps, but we provide vital evidence to people around us that they can also receive the Light of Jesus and be saved.  Your testimony matters.  It is your personal story of how the Light of the World has come into your darkness and 'switched on the light', so you can now see who Jesus is, be set free from shame and live with purpose until you meet Jesus face to face.  Tell people what Jesus has done for you (Luke 8:39).  And do not be ashamed of Jesus today, or distance yourself from those who suffer for their faith (2 Timothy 1:8).

Dear Lord. Thank You for the testimony of many people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus. I am sorry when I have forgotten that You have made me to be a lamp, and so I have kept my faith hidden. Please help me to shine with the light of Christ so that others can find Him too. May I also remember to pray for those who suffer for their faith, so that even their persecutors may turn to the Light and be saved. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
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