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Called, Loved and Kept

Jude 1-2

Jude was most probably a younger half-brother of our Lord Jesus. He identified himself as the brother of James, the eldest of Jesus’ half-brothers (Matthew 13:55-56; Galatians 1:19).

The urgency of the gospel

Jude 3 - 4

Jude had a message to pass on to his friends, possibly converts on one of his mission journeys.

Healthy reminders

Jude 5

When we are surrounded by lies we need to be reminded of the truth. Otherwise we risk being pulled away from Jesus and becoming a spiritual danger to others.

Abandon the truth - Abandon a safe future

Jude 6-7

As Jude warned against the dangers of abandoning the true gospel and embracing false teaching, he gave two examples: angels who became demons and two sinful cities which were destroyed.

Dangerous Dreamers

Jude 8-10

These are very strong words!

The character traits of falsehood - Part 1

Jude 11

The problem about false teachers is that they do not wear a sign saying, “I am a false teacher”!

The character traits of falsehood - Part 2

Jude 12-13

Jude had grown up in the same household as Jesus, his elder half-brother.

The character traits of falsehood - Part 3

Jude 14-16

Enoch lived before the flood, in the seventh generation from Adam, in the godly line of Seth.

Expect Opposition

Jude 17-19

Spiritual opposition is nothing new. Ever since sin entered the world, people have been tempted to rebel against God and lead other people astray.

Build, Pray, Keep and Wait

Jude 20-21

Opposition can be paralysing. We can be like frightened animals, hiding and motionless while danger threatens. But that was not the example of Jesus or the Apostles.