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Lost and confused people need saving

Jude 22-23

False teachers bring false comfort to confused people.  Instinctively they know something is not quite right, but they do not know what.  Persecution also brings confusion to weak believers: should they give up or stay true to Jesus?  Instead, Jude wanted them to be built up in Christ; not abandoned or condemned.  But in the whirlpool of spiritual confusion, churches that have slipped from their spiritual moorings can forget why they exist.  They are to announce eternal life through Jesus Christ, and judgement for those who refuse to believe (John 3:16-18).

God has the power to keep us eternally safe

Jude 24-25

Jude’s short letter was intended to strengthen believers who had been confused by false teaching and the threat of persecution.  The concluding words were to reassure the believers that God has the power to keep His people in the truth for ever.  God wants to keep believers safe, in the same way that parents want to keep their children safe (Matthew 23:37-39) - they belong to Him (paid for by the blood of Jesus) and He intends to present them at His heavenly throne without any imperfection, with great joy (John 10:14-18).