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The Life Flowing Through God's City

Revelation 22:1-2

This last chapter of Revelation is both a conclusion to the visions of the future, and a summary of the purpose of the visions, as they are read by churches through the generations until Jesus returns. It should be no surprise that the pictures of Revelation sometimes overlap; we think of everything in a linear time/space context but the Lord views everything from eternity. In this chapter, our God and Saviour Jesus Christ declares His character of grace - as we walk with Him towards and into His eternal presence.

The Relationships in God's City

Revelation 22:3-5

The curse resulted from disobedience in Eden. Relationship with God was broken. His authority was rejected as Eve and Adam believed the Tempter's lies (Genesis 3:1-5). So, God had to act to restrict Satan and sinful humanity.

Prophecy with a Purpose

Revelation 22:6-7

The book of Revelation is not a fantasy; it is a true account of the things which must take place. It came directly from the living Lord Jesus Christ (

Inappropriate Worship

Revelation 22:8-9

In contrast to the unalterable truth of the revelations from the Lord Jesus Christ (

Habits for Eternity

Revelation 22:10-11

John had received amazing visions about the future from Jesus. What is he to do with them? Daniel's visions were also remarkable, but he was told to seal them up because the time for them had not yet come (Daniel 12:4-9): in many ways they only make sense when read in the context of Revelation. However, John's visions were for his day and every day until Jesus returns - the Last Days.

Coming Soon

Revelation 22:12-13

'Soon' is a wonderful word when you are expecting a loved one, a new baby or a gift to arrive. But it is a terrible word for those who fear an earthquake or separation from loved ones. Both joyful and dread-filled anticipation should mark believers and unbelievers as the return of Jesus Christ is declared to be 'soon'. Those who love Him will rejoice in His welcome (

The Blessed and the Cursed

Revelation 22:14-15

It is easy to use the words 'bless', 'blessed' and 'blessing' casually, to mean feeling good, or that something we like is happening to us. But the Bible authors mean something more than that. A blessing is a spoken promise which, when fulfilled, will achieve God's purpose, glorify Him and enrich the relationship people have with Him through His grace.

Divine Authority

Revelation 22:16

This is a remarkable conclusion of a vision. Nowhere else in the Bible does the Son of God identify Himself as 'I Jesus', although He did reassure His disciples in the boat, "It is I do not be afraid" (John 6:20); and after the resurrection, "… it is I myself, touch me and see…" (Luke 24:39). After seeing such dramatic scenes, John might have wondered if this was really from God.

Longing for Jesus

Revelation 22:17

Jesus had already announced that He is coming back soon (Revelation 3:11;

Solemn Warnings and Joyful Expectations

Revelation 22:18-21

What a sign off to Revelation and the whole Bible! It is a personal warning from Jesus (Revelation 22:16) to those who want to alter His Word, a personal reassurance that He will come again soon for His people, and meanwhile a promise to give them grace to withstand the troubles which will come. The Scriptures are God's living Word. They have a powerful effect: when God speaks, things happen. In Genesis 1:3 He spoke into nothing and created light for the world – His glory defeated the darkness even before the sun and moon were created (Genesis 1:14-19).