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Sweet and Sour Word

Revelation 10:8-11

A little reminder of where we are in the saga of Revelation: in John's vision, he has seen that the seven seals on the scroll have been broken by the Lamb of God in heaven, to disclose God's future plan for the cosmos and particularly for the inhabited world. Then he sees and hears seven trumpets announcing God's plagues upon a rebellious world. Today's verses come between the sixth and seventh trumpet. The scene has moved from heaven to earth and John is invited to take part in two dramas: with the angel and the scroll, and the two witnesses.

The Measure of Faith

Revelation 11:1-6

These verses present a kaleidoscope of Biblical images portraying a period of intense struggle for the church, which is God's temple (1 Corinthians 3:16,

Celebrating the Death of Truth

Revelation 11:7-10

John was shown a terrible scene.

Terrible Realisation

Revelation 11:11-14

The death of Jesus Christ was treated as a great victory by His enemies: but His resurrection changed everything. The preceding verses to today's passage (

The Seventh Trumpet

Revelation 11:15-19

As each of seven trumpets are sounded by the seven angels in heaven, God's chosen action takes place on earth. Six trumpets have already been sounded in John's vision (Revelation 8:6-9:19), each one heralding a 'natural disaster', a plague inflicted on a rebellious world.

The Woman and the Dragon

Revelation 12:1-4

Following the sounding of the seventh trumpet, John is shown a series of signs which reveal different parts of the conflict between Satan and God's people. In these signs, two women are identified: the people of God (Revelation 12:1-5) and worldly authorities opposed to Jesus (Revelation 17:1-6).

Divine Safety

Revelation 12:5-6

These verses come immediately after an evil scene in John's vision where an enormous red dragon is seen hovering over a woman in labour, desiring to eat the child immediately after birth (Revelation 12:1-4). The dragon is the devil (

Conflict With Evil

Revelation 12:7-9

The preceding verses showed a drama which reached back to the incarnation and ascension of Jesus Christ, explaining Satan's failed attempts to destroy Him and setting the stage for his final conflict with Jesus (Revelation 12:1-5). As John watches the vision, and writes it down as encouragement to churches under pressure, the scene once again moves back to heaven.

Satan Dethroned

Revelation 12:10-12

These verses cut into the latest drama in John's vision. Satan has been thrown out of heaven, without any legitimate authority (Revelation 12:7-9). At seeing that, John hears a loud chorus of rejoicing.

The Wilderness Experiences

Revelation 12:13-17

The dragon is Satan, who is also described as a snake. In John's vision he sees Satan thrown out of heaven and stripped of all legitimate spiritual authority because he is eager to be the heir to God's kingdom (Revelation 12:7-12). But that place had already been assigned to Jesus Christ who he hates intensely. Satan behaves as though he is the Prince of this world, in fierce competition to Jesus.