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God Takes Command

Matthew 28:1-4

The day after Jesus' crucifixion was the Sabbath when no Jew could go to a tomb until after sunset on Saturday. The two women wanted to be there and went to the grave site as the new day was dawning. Their personal love for Jesus and emotional distress led them to see what God's power had achieved. Their role as witnesses in confirming the resurrection was God-arranged.

Coming And Going

Matthew 28:5-7

An angel was sitting on top of the stone which had covered the entrance to Jesus' grave. Speaking with authority, the angel kindly commanded the women who had come to the burial site in the early morning. They were afraid: shaken by the earthquake, shocked that the tomb was open and the guards were just standing there in a daze, surprised by the dazzling appearance of the angel in glistening white clothes … it was too much to deal with.

Afraid And Joyful

Matthew 28:8-10

Every new or unique experience is unsettling. There is nothing by which to calibrate the event of its implications. However for the women who had come to the tomb early on resurrection morning, joy grew up alongside their anxiety because they knew that the Lord Jesus Christ was not dead any longer.
They had seen the exposed grave and had believed the words the angel spoke to them, promising that Jesus would soon meet His disciples again. So they had the joy of hope. That spurred them to go back to give the men the wonderful news; and so they ran.

Deception Unmasked

Matthew 28:11-15

The body of Jesus had disappeared from the tomb. Despite the seal on the grave stone and the guards to protect the way into the burial site, the body had gone because Jesus had risen from death. The divine removal of the stone was not to let Jesus out, but to let the witnesses in (Acts 3:15).

Obedience, Worship And Doubt

Matthew 28:16-17

The disciples had arrived at the rendezvous point, a mountain in Galilee. Jesus had told them to meet Him there after the resurrection (Matthew 26:32).

Jesus Has All Authority

Matthew 28:18

In this prelude to the Great Commission, Jesus states the basis on which He can command His apostles, and through them the church, to be the messengers of the gospel. It is a huge statement for Jesus to say that 'all authority' resides in Himself. However He made it clear that the authority was not snatched (as Satan has done Matthew 4:8-10; John 12:31).

The Great Commission

Matthew 28:19

Matthew chooses to end his account of the earthly life of Jesus with this 'great commission'. The eleven remaining apostles were present (Judas the betrayer was dead) even though some of them were really not sure what was going on. Having clearly stated the basis of His authority (Matthew 28:18), Jesus gave them instructions for their lives' work and the work for all of the world-wide Church until He returns.

Obedient To The End

Matthew 28:20

Starting is easy, but finishing well is hard. The Great Commission started with Jesus commanding the apostles to make disciples wherever they went. That was their desire: after Pentecost they were so vibrant in their gospel witness that they could not stop talking about Jesus. As time went on and churches were formed, this last part of the Commission would be essential.