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Jesus the Messiah

Matthew 1:1

Matthew, the author of this Gospel, was one of Jesus’ disciples (pupils) and an apostle (missionary).

Faith and Failure

Matthew 1:2-6a

Matthew describes the human ancestry of Jesus Christ in three parts: from Abraham to David, from David to the Exile and from the Exile to the birth of Jesus.

Chosen but Flawed

Matthew 1:6b-11

The Lord Jesus Christ's human blood-line included some very disappointing characters.

Unknown Except to God

Matthew 1:12-16

The deportation of Jews to exile in Babylon was a shameful episode in Israel's history. It was God's punishment of a nation which has refused to submit to Him.

In God's Time

Matthew 1:17

There are some questions to which only God has the answer.

Expectation, Confusion and Decisions

Matthew 1:18-19

Joseph found out that Mary was pregnant. She had told him what God's angel had revealed to her, and that the Holy Spirit had enabled a baby to be alive in her womb, even though she was a virgin!

God Resolves Confusion

Matthew 1:20-21

Joseph had a huge dilemma. Mary was pregnant before her marriage, and it was not his child. An illegitimate birth would bring great shame on her family and Joseph's.

Part of a Bigger Plan

Matthew 1:22-23

Sometimes we are too close to the action to see it in perspective.

Message Received, Understood and Actioned

Matthew 1:24-25

Joseph was now quite clear. His confusion had gone because God had spoken.

King versus King

Matthew 2:1-2

Although some traditional pictures show Jesus surrounded by Magi (wise men who may have been 'king-makers'), Matthew tells us that their visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem was after Christ’s birth.