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The Critical Eye

Matthew 7:1-5

When we look at others, we see people who are not perfect. Only God is perfect. The more we see of God the greater the beauty of His holiness.

Discerning those who are Hungry for the Lord

Matthew 7:6

Although some cultures have trained domesticated dogs to become expensive family pets which enjoy the run of the house, they are still dogs.

God's Good Answers

Matthew 7:7-11

God is a real person, and He relates with people who honour Him.

God's Test of Right Living

Matthew 7:12

This verse is well known and even quoted by people outside the Christian faith. It has a 'ring of rightness' about it.

The Narrow Road to Life

Matthew 7:13-14

Jesus described two roads, but only one was safe. Most people travelled on the broad road; it was wide enough to accommodate everybody.

Convincing but False

Matthew 7:15-19

It would be nice to think that everybody who claims to speak for God is one of His messengers. But that is not true. There are true prophets and false prophets.

False Disciples

Matthew 7:20-23

You know what people are really like, by seeing what they do over a long period of time. The 'fruit' of their lives is the natural expression of what is in their hearts.

Wise and Foolish Builders

Matthew 7:24-27

This well-known story is based on the reality of extreme weather which continues to devastate many parts of the world.

The Authority Behind the Words

Matthew 7:28-29

We all say many words, probably too many. But which of all those words will really make a difference? When Jesus spoke, people always took notice.

Willing and Able

Matthew 8:1-4

In the workplace, we need willing and able people.