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On a Dangerous Mission but Cared for

Matthew 10:29-31

Jesus never promised His disciples an easy time. Quite the opposite, but they must not be deterred by opposition (Matthew 10:22) because the Lord will finally vindicate His people.

On a Dangerous Mission but Clearly Identified

Matthew 10:32-33

When the disciples were sent out on mission by Jesus, what would they say, how would they behave?

On a Dangerous Mission in the Family

Matthew 10:34-36

These words of Jesus seem very strong and almost offensive. But Jesus was affirming the prophecy of Micah 700 years previously: "Do not trust a neighbour; put no confidence in a friend."

On a Dangerous Mission Motivated by Love

Matthew 10:37-39

True love is the most powerful motivator. It reaches further and lasts longer than hate, power, fear, sex or wealth (some other motivators).

On a Dangerous Mission with Reward

Matthew 10:40-42

Jesus was coming to the end of His pre-mission briefing to the disciples. It would be a dangerous mission because many, even in their own families, would not understand and could turn against them. (NIVUK)

The Master's Relationship with Disciples

Matthew 11:1

Religious people can believe a number of possible lies. One: that God is so far away, or we are so bad, that it is not possible to relate with Him personally. (NIVUK)

Was it all Worth it?

Matthew 11:2-6

It would be nice to think that God's servants always feel confident that working for the Lord is worthwhile. But they are all human and may doubt or be discouraged when problems overwhelm them.

Prophetic Resolve

Matthew 11:7-10

John the Baptist was in prison for doing his job - telling the truth that everybody needs to repent of sin and get ready for God.

Greater than a Prophet

Matthew 11:11-14

Jesus had publically commended John the Baptist. Nobody else had been privileged to have such a significant spiritual ministry than John.

Not Playing Games

Matthew 11:15-19

Unless people know the God who has made them and want to be at peace with Him, they have no understanding of the real purpose of life, and so they play games.