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Jesus Came to Call Sinners

Matthew 9:12-13

God is not looking for good people! That seems to surprise many religious people who think that God will accept them for all the good things they try to do ... but it is not true.

Fasting and Feasting

Matthew 9:14-15

Fasting was a normal part of a godly disciplined life in the days of Jesus. It showed the need to repent for sin, and be utterly dependent in prayer (Esther 4:3,16).

New Life Needs a Fresh Start

Matthew 9:16-17

There can be a lot of waste in some western countries.

Faith in God's Power

Matthew 9:18-19

The religious leaders of Israel did not consider themselves friends of Jesus. He was a danger to their authority over the people.

The Believing Touch

Matthew 9:20-22

Jesus was on His way to see a twelve year old girl who had just died, with her father who believed Jesus could bring her back to life (Matthew 9:18-19).

Faith versus Disbelief

Matthew 9:23-26

The religious leader was confident that Jesus could raise his dead daughter to life (Matthew 9:18). But Jesus was delayed arriving at his home where the girl was laid out on her bed.

They Asked for Mercy and got Grace

Matthew 9:27-31

Blindness is always a major problem. But in Jesus' day it meant no education, no income (except from begging) and social exclusion.

Releasing Words

Matthew 9:32-34

Jesus had just healed two blind men who asked for mercy (Matthew 9:27-31). Then another man came; he was brought by friends or family, and he could not speak.

Compassion means Action

Matthew 9:35-36

Sickness, weakness and diseases of many kinds occur in every society. 2000 years ago, medical care was not well developed and many sick people died.

Workers will be Commissioned

Matthew 9:37-38

The disciples had seen many people putting their faith in Jesus.