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Authority and Faith

Matthew 8:5-9

In this narrative, a Roman centurion seeks out Jesus.

Saving Faith Trusts Christ's Authority

Matthew 8:11-13

Religion puts people in a cosy bubble; they think that they are safe with God because they keep most of the rules and are like the other people in the group. But that can be a dangerous illusion.

Healing Signs of the Saviour

Matthew 8:14-17

Why did Jesus do so many extraordinary miracles?

Gospel Priorities are Different

Matthew 8:18-22

Every business needs a market; and when people express interest in the products or services they need to be satisfied.

Faithlessness Allows Fear to Dominate

Matthew 8:23-27

It is easy to claim to have faith, until it is put to the test. The storm on the lake certainly provided a decisive challenge. It all started in a very ordinary way for them.

Satan knows his Limits

Matthew 8:28-29

Jesus and His disciples arrived by boat onto a lonely shore, but soon two men joined them.

God's Power over Evil

Matthew 8:30-34

Confronted by two violent, demonised men, Jesus and His disciples stepped from their boat onto an otherwise deserted beach. The demons recognised who Jesus was and were in awe of His power over them.

Faith and Forgiveness

Matthew 9:1-3

Having released two men from the grip of demons, Jesus travelled back by boat to Capernaum (Mark 2:1).

Denying the Divinity of Jesus is Evil

Matthew 9:4-8

A paralysed man and his friends trusted Jesus for healing (Matthew 9:1-3). But when Jesus saw his faith, He forgave his sins - causing an indignant muttering by the religious leaders.

Personal Encounter with Jesus

Matthew 9:9-12

This part of Matthew's gospel is very personal to the writer: it is about himself.