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Authorised Workers

Matthew 10:1

Working is not so much a right but a privilege.

Chosen to be Sent out

Matthew 10:2-4

The twelve disciples ('learners') were also appointed as apostles ('sent ones') when Jesus authorised them to minister in His Name, without Him being present.

The First Unsupervised Mission

Matthew 10:5-8

There was only a little time. Soon Jesus would be tried and crucified: His earthly ministry would soon be over and the trainee apostles had to be ready to take over as messengers of the gospel.

On Mission with no Reserves

Matthew 10:9-10

Jesus was sending His trainee apostles out on a gospel mission without Him. They would not have the security of Jesus being beside them, ready to rescue them if anything went wrong.

On Mission Seeking Peace

Matthew 10:11-15

Military missions intend to impose their will on the people. Not so with Jesus. At no point in His ministry did the Lord ever make people follow Him or serve Him.

On a Dangerous Mission but not Undercover

Matthew 10:16

This was the first time that Jesus had sent out His trainee apostles without His personal supervision.

On a Dangerous Mission but do not Worry

Matthew 10:17-20

As the disciples went out on mission, without Jesus for the first time, He explained the dangers which they would face in the future (after He had gone back into heaven).

On a Dangerous Mission but keep Moving

Matthew 10:21-23

Family relationships are supposed to be the closest and most precious relationships we have. God has designed us to live in families, to support, help and protect each other.

On a Dangerous Mission among Deceived People

Matthew 10:24-25

Jesus had been warning His disciples about the persecution which would come to Him and to them. It would not be random acts of hatefulness but part of a coordinated assault on the Kingdom of God.

On a Dangerous Mission but do not Fear

Matthew 10:26-28

Although the Good News about Jesus is the most wonderful message in the world, many people hate the message and the Saviour.