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Seeing but not Believing

Matthew 11:20-22

There is an expression in English which says, "Seeing is believing". Interestingly it comes from Jesus' words to doubting Thomas who only believed because he had seen (John 20:29).

Seeing and Refusing to Believe

Matthew 11:23-24

Capernaum was the base for Jesus and His disciples when they were in the Galilee area. The miracles He performed were the talk of the town; and they clamoured to see more.

Hidden and Revealed

Matthew 11:25-26

Many clever people like to think that, with enough knowledge and skill they can manage their lives and the circumstances around them.

The Authority of Jesus

Matthew 11:27

The relationship between Jesus the Son of God and God the Father seems strange to many people.

The Kindness of Jesus

Matthew 11:28-30

The King is kind! Having pronounced judgement on the unrepentant towns, Jesus turned His attention to the many people who were eager to welcome Him - but might have doubted if He really wanted them.

Quick to Accuse

Matthew 12:1-4

Jesus was a problem to the religious authorities. He did not fit into their mould or play their religious games.

Slow to Understand

Matthew 12:5-8

Jesus had been accused by the Pharisees of allowing His disciples to break God's Law. But they had not.

People are Valuable to Jesus

Matthew 12:9-14

With such amazing miracles, you might think that Jesus was popular. Not with the religious leaders!

Not the Right Time

Matthew 12:15-18

Jesus was popular with the crowds but hated by the religious leaders. He loved them all but did not trust Himself to any of them.

A Very Different Hope

Matthew 12:19-21

Jesus lived in occupied territory. Israel, God's Promised Land, had been invaded by the Roman army: the people had been conquered. They had to obey Roman laws and pay Roman taxes.