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Training is a Priority

Matthew 5:1-2

Many people think that Jesus wanted to preach to everybody and heal as many people as possible before He died. Not so!

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Matthew 5:3

Jesus Christ came into the world to bless us, by turning us from our sins and self-centred rebellion (Acts 3:26).

Blessed are those who Mourn

Matthew 5:4

Death is not a blessing, but mourning is a gift of God to bring goodness into the midst of badness.

Blessed are the Meek

Matthew 5:5

"Winning the earth" has been the military ambition of many would-be world rulers. Their method has been conquest by force; gaining ground by shedding blood.

Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

Matthew 5:6

Hunger and thirst are terrible experiences, but without those inbuilt body responses no baby would ever survive.

Blessed are the Merciful

Matthew 5:7

The cut and thrust of business life is all about getting the advantage: mercy is seen as a weakness to be despised, unless it is a way of manipulating people.

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Matthew 5:8

Purity is an absolute measure: something is either pure or impure; it cannot be 99% pure … because it is then impure. To be 'pure in heart’ is to be 100% free from sin, and totally pleasing to God.

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Matthew 5:9

'Peace', in the Bible, is not primarily a warm emotional feeling or sense of relaxation, but the absence of hostility.

Blessed are those who are Persecuted

Matthew 5:10-12

This may seem very strange. How can anyone be happy, contented, joyful and blessed when they are being persecuted and insulted?

Salt of the Earth

Matthew 5:13

It has become embedded into the English language: 'salt of the earth' means a good person who is reliable, hardworking, kind and generous. But that was not really what Jesus meant.