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Two Baptisms

Matthew 3:11-12

The word 'baptism' comes from two Greek words which have a cascade of meanings: 'dip', 'pour', 'immerse', 'submerge' and 'overwhelm'.

God's Way is Different

Matthew 3:13-15

John's baptism was all about confessing sins and repenting of them. People came knowing that they were not spiritually clean.

God in Three Persons

Matthew 3:16-17

Jesus' baptism was the start of His public ministry. He had identified Himself with sinners and prophetically demonstrated that He would bear their sins.

Facing the Enemy

Matthew 4:1

It may seem strange that after Jesus' baptism, the Son of God was led by the Holy Spirit to face Satan.

Evil Satisfaction

Matthew 4:2-4

Jesus was very hungry at the end of a long period of fasting and praying in the wilderness. He was preparing Himself to face up to Satan.

Evil Applause

Matthew 4:5-7

The Jews believed that the Messiah would come from the skies to the Temple (Malachi 3:1).

Evil Shortcuts

Matthew 4:8-11

Jesus faced Satan's third temptation, to be seen as earth's King, without the sufferings of crucifixion. The devil’s condition was for Jesus to bow down and worship him, just once.

The Unchanged Message for a Dark Place

Matthew 4:12-17

John the Baptist had been imprisoned for challenging King Herod about his immoral marriage to his brother's wife (Luke 3:19-20).

Called to Change

Matthew 4:18-22

When Jesus called these two sets of brothers, it was not because of what they were, but because of what He would make of them.

Gospel Training

Matthew 4:23-25

Matthew wasted no time in giving an overview of the Gospel ministry of Jesus. He ministered personally: He travelled throughout the province of Galilee.