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The Answer is in the Scriptures

Matthew 2:3-6

The Magi's announcement of a Jewish king born in King Herod's territory made him very anxious.

Fear and Faith

Matthew 2:7-10

Having been told that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, King Herod plotted to destroy the young child.

Meeting Jesus

Matthew 2:11-12

The wise men, who had travelled so far from Persia, eventually arrived. God's special guidance had been confirmed by the Scriptures and led them to a house in Bethlehem - where they found Jesus.

All in the Plan

Matthew 2:13-15

The wise men had gone. In a dream, God told them not to tell Herod anything about their visit to Jesus; so they went home by slipping across the border without going to Jerusalem. (NIVUK)

Wickedness Against Jesus and His People

Matthew 2:16-18

The joy of Christ's birth, and the relief of His escape from Herod's clutches, seems eclipsed by this dreadful narrative of infanticide.

Time to Move by Faith

Matthew 2:19-21

Egypt was not to be Jesus' home. It was a temporary refuge, as it had been for the children of Israel over 1800 years previously - until it was God’s time for them to move.

Last Minute Change of Plan

Matthew 2:22-23

God had told Joseph to move Jesus and Mary out of exile, in Egypt, and back into Israel. Herod, the murderous king, was dead.

God's Announcement

Matthew 3:1-3

These days we get to know about local and global news impersonally - through the TV, radio or internet. Mobile phones carry the information to us, wherever we may be.

A Prophet without Profit

Matthew 3:4-6

In those days, travelling philosophers made a good living. They had a new idea and people paid to hear it. Not so John. He was under God's instructions to get people ready to welcome the Messiah.

The Fruit of Repentance

Matthew 3:7-10

John the Baptist's wilderness preaching-place was a popular destination. Many came because they longed for the Messiah to come, and wanted to be ready for Him.