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Relational Encouragement

Philippians 2:19

One of the great blessings of knowing Jesus Christ is that we are never alone. Even though we may be posted away from home without like-minded company or Christian fellowship, the Lord is with us.

Highly Commended

Philippians 2:20-21

The secular world seems to have fallen in love with commendations.

Successful Apprenticeship

Philippians 2:22

Although the fashion for apprenticeships comes and goes, the principle of 'learning on the job' while being overseen by an expert, is very good.

Relational Ministry

Philippians 2:23-24

Some churches mimic corporate business in the scale and complexity of their programmes. And it may be necessary.

Gospel Care

Philippians 2:25

Gospel words and loving care should not be separated. Epaphroditus had come from Philippi with gifts to sustain Paul during imprisonment (see Philippians 4:18).

Health and Welfare

Philippians 2:26-28

Normal people are very concerned when loved ones are unwell or left alone. Normal Christians feel like that about God's family in difficulties, wherever they may be.

Honour the Brave

Philippians 2:29-30

Brave people should be honoured. Those who put their own life on the line to save others are wonderful examples of selfless courage in the face of danger.

Reminder to Rejoice

Philippians 3:1

Glad hearts are a tonic for everybody. Nobody really wants to be surrounded by grumpy, morose, complaining, anxious or angry people. Yet it is easy enough to become like that ourselves.

Marks of Insecure Religion

Philippians 3:2-3

Despite many attempts to dispose of religion, human beings have an inbuilt urge to seek out the God who made them (see Ecclesiastes 3:11 and Acts 17:27).

Irrelevant Spiritual Claims

Philippians 3:4-6

Pride gets everywhere: it is the essence of sin which has infused the whole human race. Pride says that, "It is from me, of me, due to me and the glory goes to me".