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More than Sympathy

Philippians 4:14

Paul trusted God, first and foremost; but he never despised genuine Christian fellowship.

Partnership Demands Consistancy

Philippians 4:15-16

Paul had experienced true partnership in the gospel. But these verses highlight some alarming contrasts with the ways many followers of Jesus think about mission partnership today.

Accounting Integrity

Philippians 4:17

Giving should be a normal part of Christian fellowship. However it can expose a minefield of motives, both for the giver and for the recipient.

Received with Thanks

Philippians 4:18

It is God's nature to provide abundantly. Paul never felt neglected when he had little, but neither is he ungrateful now that his needs are met.

No Worries

Philippians 4:19

Will God look after His people? This verse says a big 'Yes'.

Glory Unending

Philippians 4:20

At the end of Paul's discussion about missionary giving and God's never-failing provision, he gives the glory to God.

Business as Usual

Philippians 4:21-23

Paul is positive to the end. Why shouldn't he be? He may be imprisoned far away from the church which had provided his greatest support, but he was not downcast.