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Spirit-filled Prophecy

Acts 2:17-21

The Holy Spirit had come upon all the apostles, and they were speaking about God's wonderful power in many different languages (Acts 2:4).

The Spirit Reveals Who Jesus Is

Acts 2:22-24

That Pentecost morning in Jerusalem saw quite a stir for three reasons. Firstly, the Holy Spirit had been given to the apostles and the once-petrified men (John 20:19) were now unafraid of the gathering crowd.

The Son's Confidence in the Father

Acts 2:25-28

Religious Jews value the Old Testament Scriptures: the Psalms are their hymnbook. Although we do not know any of the original melodies, the words express inner thoughts and emotions of human beings who trust God. Today's verses come after Peter had started to explain that Jesus' crucifixion was not a mistake (

Dead Prophets or Living Saviour

Acts 2:29-32

However great a person may be, everyone has a great weakness: they all die. So we may honour the memory of dead prophets but we cannot have any relationship with them. Great people have another weakness; they cannot see the future; they may guess, but cannot see. David was both a king and a prophet (speaking to the people about what God had said to him) and dead, but in these verses Peter says that David also saw Jesus, His death and resurrection, in the future.

Victorious Church

Acts 2:33-35

The true church has rarely been admired or loved by the world. Jesus was hated, and promised that His people would be persecuted (John 15:18-20).

Conviction of Sin and a Call to Action

Acts 2:36-39

The Pentecost crowd had first gathered because of an unusual sound (Acts 2:6).

Urgent Plea To Take Action

Acts 2:40-41

These verses are Luke's comments, based on eye witness accounts, of Peter's evangelistic talk before the Pentecost crowds. The account we have in Acts 2:14-39 is a summary of the content of his message. It was all about Jesus – the rejected King who was crucified but came back to life and holds the whole world to account.

Devoted to Learning the Truth

Acts 2:42

On Pentecost Sunday about three thousand people repented and were baptised (Acts 2:41). The church was born. The Holy Spirit had filled the apostles and the new believers. What happened next? Firstly, there was so much to learn about Jesus, what He had done and what He said about the nature of God's kingdom.

Devoted to Doing the Truth

Acts 2:43-47

The Holy Spirit filled the new believers who repented and were baptised at Pentecost, and they became the talk of the city. In just seven weeks since Christ's crucifixion, thousands of people had been transformed from Jesus-haters to Jesus-lovers (Luke 23:21-25).

Proclaiming Jesus As Lord

Acts 3:1-6

The narrative in these verses speaks for itself. After Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the apostles and then on each believer who repented and trusted Jesus, the church was bold to speak about Jesus. In addition to smaller groups meeting in homes, many believers met together for prayers (three times a day – 9am, 12 noon and 3pm) in the temple.