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Responding To The Gospel Call

Acts 8:36-40

Philip had intercepted the Ethiopian eunuch, on the road from Jerusalem to Gaza (Acts 8:26-27). This man, the Chief Finance Minister for his country, was a God-fearer and very much wanted to understand more.

Divine Challenge

Acts 9:1-4

The persecution, sparked by Stephen's religious murder, was effective in driving many Christians out of Jerusalem (Acts 8:1).

Prophetic Blindness

ACts 9:5-9

Jesus confronted Saul (later known as Paul) on the road to Damascus. This passage starts just after Jesus had asked him, "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?" (Acts 9:4) His reply was honest, "Who are You Lord?" Saul had heard about Jesus, and despised Him; but Saul did not know Him.

Unwelcome Assignment

Acts 9:10-16

The blind Saul (later called Paul) was led by the hand to Damascus. He did not know exactly where he was, but Jesus knew all about him; his name, his birthplace and his new prayer-life.

Courage in Service and Fellowship

Acts 9:17-19

Ananias was fearful that his vision with the instruction to meet Saul might have put him in danger (Acts 9:15-16). But the Lord convinced him to trust and obey.

A Changed Man

Acts 9:20-22

Saul had met the Lord Jesus on the road to Damascus. Saul's intention was to persecute the believers and try to eliminate the Jewish sect called 'The Way' (their term for Christians – Acts 9:2) who followed Jesus.

Challenging Faith

Acts 9:23-30

Saul (later called Paul) had met Jesus Christ and been converted. Instead of persecuting believers, he became a fully convinced follower of Jesus. He stopped persecuting the church and started to preach that Jesus is the Messiah (the Greek word is 'Christ'). Although religious people in Damascus initially tolerated Saul, eventually he proved too much of a threat to them. So they planned to kill him. Keeping the gates under surveillance day and night, they planned to ambush Saul when he left the city. There was no way out.

Times Of Peace

Acts 9:31

After Stephen's murder (he was stoned to death by the same Sanhedrin who sentenced Jesus to death –

Powerful Pastoral Visit

Acts 9:32-35

Peter had visited Samaria to affirm the new believers in their faith, and see for himself what God was doing among people who were not regarded as true Jews. But most of his time was spent in Jerusalem and the towns of Judea, like Lydda, teaching Jews who had believed in Jesus.

Honouring Godliness

Acts 9:36-39

Peter had just seen Aenaes healed in Lydda where a large number of people were converted. They realised the awesome authority of Jesus Christ. About 15 miles away, in the Mediterranean sea-port of Joppa, a much loved believer called Tabitha had died. Hearing that Peter was nearby in Lydda, the believers sent two men to ask him to come quickly.