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There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus

Acts 3:6-10

The lame beggar at the temple never expected to be healed or even asked to be healed. He would have heard about Jesus who healed but now that time had gone. So Peter's intervention was a total surprise. The apostle simply told the cripple to walk, 'in the Name of Jesus', because Jesus had authorised him to do so (John 14:13).

Telling What God Has Done

Acts 3:11-16

The professional, unable-to-walk-from-birth, beggar was healed. He had walked and jumped around because he had been commanded to do so in the Name of Jesus (Acts 3:7-8).

Repent And Be Forgiven

Acts 3:17-20

Following the healing of the lame beggar, the crowd wanted to know who did it. Peter and John were clear: it was not them but Jesus (Acts 3:12-13).

Unseen But Speaking

Acts 3:21-26

Jesus is not physically on earth now, but He is still speaking – through His Word and by His Spirit (John 14:26).

Reactions to the Gospel

Acts 4:1-4

Peter and John had commanded a lame beggar to walk, in the Name of Jesus (Acts 3:6-10).

Spiritual Authority

Acts 4:5-7

After the lame man had been healed (

Rejected but Supremely Powerful

Acts 4:8-11

Peter was being interrogated about the healing of a lame beggar (Acts 4:5-7).

Unique and Mandatory Salvation

Acts 4:12

This sentence comes at the end of Peter's defence before the same religious court which previously sentenced Jesus to death. Even though Peter and John had just spent a night in the jail (Acts 4:3), the apostle spoke boldly without any fear for his own life.

Confidence with Jesus

Acts 4:13-15

There is something irresistibly appealing about people who are confident, despite overwhelming opposition. When Peter and John were being interrogated about how a lame beggar was healed, they simply explained that the man had trusted in the Name of Jesus. He had obeyed when he was commanded to walk, even though he had never walked before. Jesus had healed him (

Loyal to the Truth

Acts 4:16-20

The religious court had a problem. They could not deny the evidence that Peter and John had commanded a lame beggar to walk, in the Name of Jesus, and he was healed (Acts 3:6-10).