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God's Finishing Line

Acts 20:22-24

Paul's remarkable missionary experiences won many people to Christ and planted many churches. His frequent encounters with persecution provided practical training so that he could look forward to the last phase of his ministry. As a Jesus-hating, church-persecuting Pharisee, it was certainly not his idea to become a Christian, or to be a missionary, or to suffer for the sake of Jesus.

God's Message Delivered

Acts 20:25-27

Paul's final words to the elders of the Ephesian church were solemn.

God's Warning To Godly Leaders

Acts 20:28-31

Paul was giving final instructions to the Ephesian church elders. He would not return to Ephesus again (Acts 20:22-25), and his words almost sound like a military battle briefing: they are.

God's Example To Godly Leaders

Acts 20:32-35

Handing over the baton of leadership is not easy. Inevitably those who follow will not be so experienced in handling difficult circumstances. Paul's leadership of the Ephesian church was over (Acts 20:25), so the elders would now be fully responsible, to protect the church and promote Christ through it.

Godly Farewell

Acts 20:36-21:1

It is not wrong to be grieved or to weep. Even when God is sovereignly moving His people and changing good circumstances for right reasons - Jesus wept (John 11:32-36).

Pursuing God's Call

Acts 21:1-6

Paul's sea journeys are remarkable and courageous. Although the Mediterranean routes were quicker and safer from bandits, and dangerous geography (2 Corinthians 11:26), they were much more hazardous.

Fellowship In Times Of Danger

Acts 21:7-11

Paul was determined to follow the Lord's call to go to Jerusalem. Choosing to take the faster sea route to get back from what is now Greece and Turkey, he also avoided the protracted social conversations and hospitality invitations, which are still part of the culture of that area. Although those interactions may well have been gospel opportunities he knew that the Lord had called him to Jerusalem for the next phase of his ministry – to kings and rulers.

Fellowship With Frail Saints And With Christ

Acts 21:12-16

On Paul's way to Jerusalem, he stopped in Caesarea to stay at the home of Philip the evangelist (Acts 21:8), who had been appointed to help the apostles' ministry by relieving them of relief and welfare work (

Fellowship in Praise

Acts 21:17-20

Paul's long journey to Jerusalem was over. Paul did not know exactly how he would be accused by the religious leaders and handed over to the Gentile authorities (

Dangerous Talk

Acts 21:21-24

When Paul and his team arrived in Jerusalem, they described in great detail what God had done among the Gentiles during the missionary journeys (Acts 21:17-19).