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Born Protected

Acts 22:26-30

This is an embarrassing moment for the Roman military commander in Jerusalem. Paul had been ambushed in the temple in Jerusalem by religious traditionalists who dragged him out into the streets to kill him (Acts 21:30).

Scriptural Conscience

Acts 23:1-5

It was very odd. Paul, the Apostle, under Roman guard was about to be questioned by the Supreme religious court – in the Roman barracks in Jerusalem, under the orders of the military Commander for the city (Acts 22:30).

Divisive Truth

Acts 23:6-8

The Sanhedrin, the Jewish Ruling Council, had been ordered by the Roman military commander to allow Paul to defend himself against their hostility (Acts 22:30).

Take Courage

Acts 23:9-11

Paul's speech to the Sanhedrin Council was cut short. He had just declared that he was brought up as a Pharisee, and that he fully believed in the resurrection of the dead (Acts 23:6).

Hating Jesus And His People

Acts 23:12-15

These verses are difficult to read. Devout religious people, who claimed to love and worship God, were so full of hatred towards Paul: they bound themselves with an oath, not to eat or drink, until they had killed him. The previous evening the Sanhedrin Council had heard Paul speak about his belief in the resurrection (

Wisdom In Action

Acts 23:16-22

Paul did not panic because he was wise. The Roman military in Jerusalem, whose duty was to keep the peace, had foiled two attempts by Paul's accusers to kill him (Acts 21:30-42;

Saved To Serve The Gospel

Acts 23:23-30

Paul was held in protective custody in the Fortress of Antonia near to the temple in Jerusalem. Twice, religions extremists tried to kill him and now a third plot had been uncovered (Acts 23:12-15).

A Routine Process In God's Hand

Acts 23:31-35

Apparently, there is nothing remarkable about this narrative. Paul was being moved from the Fortress in Jerusalem to another in Caesarea. It was an emergency evacuation to get Paul away from a third plot to kill him; but well within the capacity of the Roman army to assemble and escort of 470 militia and horses with six hours' notice.

Flattery And Lies

Acts 24:1-9

Paul had been moved, under armed guard, from Jerusalem to the Roman stronghold in Caesarea (Acts 23:23-24).

Clear Conscience

Acts 24:10-16

In the Roman fortress at Caesarea, Paul was on trial before Felix. This Roman Governor was responsible for Syria and Cilicia, the province which included Paul's home city of Tarsus. Religious activists, who had tried to kill Paul on three occasions, accused him of causing Jewish people to riot wherever he went (