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Taking Care Not To Offend

Acts 21:25-26

Paul had come to Jerusalem with his team (Acts 21:17).

Taking The Opportunity To Do Wrong

Acts 21:27-29

Paul had voluntarily submitted to the Jerusalem elders' request to undergo a purification vow with four local men at the Temple (Acts 21:20-24).

Official Protection

Acts 21:30-32

Paul had come to Jerusalem, joining with a multi-national throng of displaced Israelites (Acts 2:5-11) to celebrate the feast of Pentecost (A

Identified With Jesus

Acts 21:33-36

Paul's life was possibly minutes away from extinction. The religious mob in Jerusalem were already beating the apostle, but he was saved by the arrival of a troop of soldiers with their commander. Order had to be restored and so he was arrested and put in chains as a demonstration that the Roman authorities were in control and not the angry crowd. Even so it was not an easy job.

Before Meeting Jesus

Acts 22:2-5

Paul was under arrest, chained to soldiers either side of him (Acts 21:33). They assumed that he was a terrorist inciting rebellion in Jerusalem.

Sharing How You Met Jesus

Acts 22:6-11

Paul's personal testimony started by explaining what he believed and how he behaved before he met Jesus (Acts 22:3-5).

Sharing What Happened After Meeting Jesus

Acts 22:12-16

Paul was under Roman guard, but allowed to address the crowd who had falsely accused him, of desecrating the temple in Jerusalem. Having told them how he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus, and was blinded by a brilliant light, Paul explained what happened next. He was led by the hand into the city (

Leave Because They Will Not Listen

Acts 22:17-21

After Paul met the Lord Jesus on the Damascus road (

Prejudice and Protection

Acts 22:22-25

Paul was given the opportunity to speak to the religious people in Jerusalem, who were trying to kill him (Acts 21:39-40). They were proudly prejudiced, believing that God only loved them and not the Gentiles.