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Master of Mercy

Luke 4:40-41

The Sabbath ended at dusk. Religious rules said that nobody could be healed on God's special day. But after Jesus healed Simon Peter's mother-in-law in her house, word was out.

The Priority of Telling the Truth

Luke 4:42-44

Jesus had demonstrated His power to heal and expel demons. But early the next morning, He left Simon Peter's house, disappointing new crowds of sick people who were desperate for His touch.

Nothing Accidental

Luke 5:1-3

Jesus was quite intentional about who He wanted to be His first disciples. Today we start the account of how He called Simon (Peter).

Working with Powerful Words

Luke 5:4-8

Simon has just hosted the preacher, Jesus, who had used his boat as a pulpit to address the crowds.

Surprise, Surprise

Luke 5:8-11

This passage should surprise us.

Healing Touch

Luke 5:12-13

Leprosy was terrifyingly bad news. The Bible uses the term 'leprosy' to include a variety of skin conditions which God knew could spread from person to person.

No Advertising

Luke 5:14-15

A leper had just been healed. But Jesus wanted no credit, and certainly no advertising.

Space to Pray

Luke 5:15-16

Most busy people have little time away from the job. The pressure of 'things to get done', opportunities 'not to be missed' and 'disasters to avert' is constant. Jesus knew what that was like.

Complacent or Persistent

Luke 5:17-19

Jesus had become a major focus in the region of Galilee. The religious leaders were starting to feel under threat and wanted to find a point of weakness to exploit so that He could be discredited.

Faith Rewarded

Luke 5:20-23

Jesus does not play games. When the paralysed man was lowered through the roof by his friends, they were serious about getting the sick man to Jesus.