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Strong in Spirit

Luke 4:14-15

Even Jesus did not go about His ministry alone. Luke is clear that Jesus was working together with the spiritual power of the Holy Spirit.

Strong in the Word

Luke 4:16

Why go to church? Some say it is mainly to worship and fellowship, others feel it helps family bonding and still others say it is to learn from the Bible.

Deja Vu

Luke 4:17-19

Many people have had déjà vu experiences, in which they think that they had already witnessed what they are currently experiencing. Usually this is a little trick the mind plays on us.

Centre of Attention

Luke 4:20-22

Jesus had started His ministry in Nazareth by reading two verses from Isaiah: "The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.

Home and Away

Luke 4:23-27

Jesus was teaching in the synagogue in Nazareth. It was going well and the local people were impressed by the local carpenter, the son of Joseph or so they thought (Luke 4:22).

Showing True Colours

Luke 4:28-30

The congregation welcomed Jesus back to His home synagogue.

Authority to Love or Hate

Luke 4:31-32

Jesus had just survived a violent attack. Townspeople from Nazareth had just tried to kill Him for declaring Himself as God's Messiah who had come to save those with faith.

Deliver us from Evil

Luke 4:33-35

Jesus had already encountered the devil.

Spiritual Authority

Luke 4:36-37

In Jesus' day, people were used to authority; it was everywhere.

Domestic Kindness

Luke 4:38-39

Jesus was invited to Simon's house after the synagogue service. At that time, Simon (later to be called Peter) had not yet been called to be a disciple (Luke 5:1-11). The extended family was there including Simon's wife's mother. She may have been old but she was certainly very unwell in bed, running a high fever. In those days, without any effective medicines, fever might lead to death. So the family were concerned and asked Jesus for help. In the same way that He addressed the demons, He commanded the fever to leave her; and it did.