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Fact or Fiction

Luke 2:1-5

One of the most important questions to ask of any faith or belief-system is, "Is it true?" Luke had no interest in writing fiction; he wanted to present an accurate account of the character, life a


Luke 2:6-7

We do not know how long Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem before the birth of Jesus, but it was during their stay that God the Son was revealed in a human body, born as a baby.

Fear in the Face of Glory

Luke 2:8-10

Anything abnormal or unexpected will cause a reaction. News of a wedding or examination success may bring joy and smiles; news of a death or failure may prompt tears.

Globally Personal

Luke 2:11-12

The Saviour of the world had been born. His incarnation was so significant that God sent an angel to announce the birth to shepherds.

Glory and Peace

Luke 2:13-14

After the angel's appearance to the shepherds, announcing the birth of Jesus, many other angels joined in chorus.

Rapid Response

Luke 2:15-18

Decisions are at the core of any business. Generally, the more difficult, complex or risky the decision, the more people are paid.

Fuel for Meditation

Luke 2:19-20

Luke's account of the nativity was so detailed and personal. After sifting through all the written accounts, he must have interviewed Mary (see Luke 1:1-4).

Not Above the Law

Luke 2:21-24

Lawyers and judges are occasionally brought to court to account for some alleged crime; they are sinful human beings like the rest of us.

Moved by the Spirit

Luke 2:25-27a

When Jesus was born, it was a non-event to most Jews. That is why the shepherds needed angelic instructions, and wise men were given a star to find the Saviour.

Satisfied by the Saviour

Luke 2:27b-32

However prepared we may be, life changing events are always more potent than their anticipation.