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Affirming the Faithful

Luke 2:33-35

Young parents need all the support they can get. Mary and Joseph were bearing the responsibility of the infant Jesus while miles away from their family in Nazareth.

Faithful to the End

Luke 2:36-38

Anna was an old woman. Married for only seven years, what would her life become after her husband's death? Luke tells us that she did not marry again or carry on a trade: she was on a unique mission.

From Law to Grace

Luke 2:39-40

Luke reminds us for the fifth time that Joseph and Mary had done everything for Jesus that God's law demanded (see Luke 2:22,23,24, 27, 39).

True to God's Word

Luke 2:41-42

The Bible has only one story about Jesus as a boy. This is it. But it starts by telling us that Mary and Joseph took God's Word seriously.

Not Lost but Found

Luke 2:43-47

Most parents can relate to the anxiety of not knowing where their child is. After the Feast of Passover, all the pilgrims returned to their homes.

Hearing without Understanding

Luke 2:48-50

This passage is filled with paradoxes; and should leave us asking a big question. After all the extraordinary events around the birth of Jesus, family life seems to have settled into 'normality'.

Learning Obedience

Luke 2:51-52

Learning is different to both teaching and understanding. The person who has learned something is able to demonstrate that the teaching has been understood, by taking the appropriate action.

Non-fiction Gospel

Luke 3:1-3

Why should anybody, seeking truth, read a catalogue of ancient names? Luke wanted to find and transmit facts about Jesus (Luke 1:1-4).

Straight Forward Salvation

Luke 3:4-6

John the Baptist was on a mission. It was not his idea; there was no self-interest in pursuing a long-cherished ambition. God was in control.

Welcoming Warning

Luke 3:7-8

John the Baptist might not have been appreciated as a visiting preacher today. There is no evidence of any universal smile and warm handshake to affirm all who came to his meetings.