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Mercy in God's Hand

Luke 1:50

Unlike many god-figures who are worshipped today, the true God has a remedy for failure: mercy.

Transformed Values

Luke 1:51-53

Mary's faith had given her an understanding about what really matters, because she knew what was important to God.

Covenant Memory

Luke 1:54-55

Mary, like every Jewish child, would have been taught that the Messiah would come one day; because God had promised in His Word.

Preparation Time

Luke 1:56

Wise people schedule time to prepare.

What's in a Name?

Luke 1:57-60

Everybody has a name: it is their most precious and personal possession. Their name is their external identity and reflects their parents' choice and family bonding.

Faith at Last

Luke 1:61-66

Zechariah, the elderly priest, had not believed the angel Gabriel.

Praise at Last

Luke 1:67-68

After 9 months of silence, Zechariah could speak again (see Luke 1:59-64).

Salvation Described

Luke 1:69-75

Zechariah now believed that God's Word was true: he had moved from doubt to faith, from silence to open confession. He was filled with the Holy Spirit who put God's words into his mouth.

Job Description

Luke 1:76-79

Fathers should feel a responsibility to guide their children. But Zechariah's prediction about his son's future ministry was different. It was not a parental idea, but God's.

Hidden Growth

Luke 1:80

John the Baptist is absent from the Bible between his circumcision-naming ceremony and the beginning of his public ministry.