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Called to Service

Romans 1:1

Paul had not yet been to Rome: the church had been planted by other gospel-tellers.  His strong desire to visit them had been frustrated by circumstances which the Lord allowed (Romans 1:11-13), prompting Paul to write a long letter.  In it, the apostle gives a detailed explanation of the gospel to help Christians understand the basis of their faith (Romans 16:25-26), teaching them to recognise and avoid false teaching, remain united, evangelise effectively and answer tough questions (Romans 16:17-20).  The Letter to the Romans unlocks many of the Old Testament pictures explaining the perso

The Focus of the Gospel

Romans 1:2-4

This letter to the Romans is all about the 'gospel': the word simply means 'good news'. Paul is not describing an idea he has invented, because this good news comes from God (Romans 1:1).

Called by God

Romans 1:5-7

The gospel is God calling people to a whole change of life. And He gave the Apostles the primary responsibility of explaining it.

Faith Worth Reporting

Romans 1:8

Many people think that religion is a private matter and that one faith is equal to all others. That is not the Bible's view of faith in Jesus Christ.

Committed to Service and Prayer

Romans 1:9-10

The Apostle Paul describes his attitude to serving God as 'wholehearted' because he had fully accepted the call of God on his life.

Spiritual Ambition

Romans 1:11-13

Paul longed to visit the believers in Rome because he wanted them to grow up in Christ.

Spiritual Obligation

Romans 1:14-15

When God calls people to repentance and faith, He also calls them to serve Him. In Paul's day, slaves were legally 'bound' to their masters; and he used that word to describe his service to God.

Unashamed of the Gospel

Romans 1:16-17

Paul was totally committed to the gospel. The good news about salvation through Jesus was the apostle's passion. He knew the message was powerful to bring people to faith: Jews and Gentiles alike.

The Essential 'Bad News' of the Gospel

Romans 1:18-20

This Letter to the Romans unpacks what the Gospel means.  It is the ‘good news’ message of how to be saved from God's wrath (Romans 1:16).  But before the good news can make sense, people need to understand the bad news that God is intensely opposed to every manifestation of wickedness (Habakkuk 1:13).  He cannot tolerate it.  People who persist in thinking, communicating, and doing what is offensive to God will encounter the full force of God's judgement.

Fools who think they are Wise

Romans 1:21-23

Because God is the source of all wisdom, rejecting Him is the ultimate foolishness. We can reject Him passively as well as by outwardly hostile aggression.