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Sin is even more Attractive when we know it is Wrong

Romans 7:7-8

Identifying something as wrong, sinful, unholy or unrighteous does not stop us.

God's Law Defines my Guilt

Romans 7:9-12

Paul said that before he understood God's law he felt happy, free and alive. But when he read that he was a sinner, he found God's law condemning him to death.

Sin is the Perversion of Righteousness

Romans 7:13

The world, the flesh and the devil are incapable of creating anything new.

Is the Bible a Problem?

Romans 7:14

Paul has been describing the effect which God's law had had on him. It had made him feel guilty for his sin and strangely inflamed his natural desire to do what displeases God.

The Sin is Stronger than Discipline

Romans 7:15-18

The Apostle Paul confesses that he is not in full control of himself. For an educated man with theological training he was amazed at his inability to regulate his own behaviour.

Why does Sinning never Stop?

Romans 7:19-20

The Bible is realistic about fallen human nature. With staggering honesty, Paul the apostle admits to sinning, and being unable to stop himself.

The War Inside Us

Romans 7:21-25

The Christian life is a struggle. It was for the Apostle Paul and it will be for us. Our hearts know what is right, and we want to obey God, but there is always something inside us saying 'No'.

No Condemnation

Romans 8:1-2

Despite our sinfulness, our inability to control or reform ourselves, and despite the ineffectiveness of religious rules ... those who believe in Jesus are released from condemnation.

Only God can Solve the Impossible Problem

Romans 8:3-4

We cannot save ourselves; neither can any religion! Even the best of God's laws and regulations for living cannot make sinners holy.

Choose what you Think About

Romans 8:5-8

We behave according to our desires. If we want it, we will think about it, and plan how to get it ... then we take action. So it matters greatly how we manage our desires and our thoughts.