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God's Right to Decide

Romans 9:19-24

If you ask the question, "Does God have the right to do whatever He wants?" the answer must be "Yes!" By definition, Almighty God is all-mighty.

God Welcomes the Alien

Romans 9:25-26

The Old Testament is the narrative of how God chose a group of people to be a special showcase to the world of His power and love.

Righteousness without Favoritism

Romans 9:27-29

It might be difficult to understand how God can have a 'special' people and yet judge them severely.

Missing the Point

Romans 9:30-33

It did not seem fair. Some Jews in Rome did not fully understand how Gentiles could be included in God's family.

Praying for the Salvation of Others

Romans 10:1-4

Heart-felt prayer is more important than most of us realise. It stems from a deep desire and hunger that God will act in Sovereign power.

Where can I find God?

Romans 10:5-7

Every pious Jew tried to be 'in the right' with God by keeping the rules (God's Law).

Believing and Confessing

Romans 10:8-10

The Jewish believers in Rome would have known the Old Testament reference on which these verses are based (Deuteronomy 30:11-14).

Everybody can Trust in Jesus

Romans 10:11-13

Although it might seem shocking to us, some of the Jewish Christians in Rome did not think that the Gentile Christians were 'proper believers in God', because they had not become Jews.

Faith needs Content

Romans 10:14-15

'Blind faith' has no value to followers of Jesus. Faith, if it is to be real, must be based on facts - otherwise it is a delusion.

Faith comes after Hearing the Gospel

Romans 10:16-17

Faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour is not an invention of the mind. It is not a human idea or 'programmable' mental activity.