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God's Purpose and Method

Romans 8:29-30

Many people are confused about God's purpose. What is He trying to do? Christian faith is not primarily about making us feel better, or providing for our needs.

God on our Side

Romans 8:31

Perhaps, theologically, this is a strange title.

Our Graciously Giving God

Romans 8:32

How much do you think you are worth? The value of anything is determined by the price it will attract. So the value of a human soul is measured by what God is willing to give to purchase it.

Settled out of Court

Romans 8:33-34

Paul asks two questions: "Who will press charges against you in the court of heaven?" and "Who will condemn you?" Of course, Satan will try - he is called 'the accuser of the brothers" (Revelation 12:

Safety Amid Many Dangers

Romans 8:35-37

Many believers in Christ feel apprehensive about their safety as they face many dangers.

Safe in Christ

Romans 8:38-39

Christians may have enemies, but none of them can pull us away from Christ.

Wasted Opportunity

Romans 9:1-5

Romans 9-11 especially focus on God's promises to His ancient people of Israel.

Children of the Promise

Romans 9:6-9

Religious people like to believe that God accepts them. That is why they are religious!

God's Choices

Romans 9:10-15

It should be obvious, but because God is so much greater than us in every way, we cannot fully understand all He does or why He does it.

God's Motives

Romans 9:16-18

As human beings we are naturally selfish. Even those born again by the Spirit of God are still liable to be dragged down by a self-centred gravity.