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Jesus' Resurrection Gives us Confidence

Romans 6:5-7

The final stage of immersion-baptism, coming up out of the water, reminds us that as Jesus was raised from the dead, we too have been given a new life to live.

When Death is Cancelled, Only Life is Left!

Romans 6:8-10

God's message about Jesus is, "Death is cancelled, life reigns!" The resurrection of Jesus Christ was unique and dramatic, and all the more so because He could never die again (unlike others whose bod

Sin must not be the Boss

Romans 6:11-14

Christ has died. And all those who trust Him, claim His death as the final punishment for their sin. Therefore, Paul argues, how can we respond to the call of sin any more?

Sin is a Form of Slavery

Romans 6:15-16

Paul repeats his question of Romans 6:1: 'If God's grace cancels the punishment of our sin, shall we continue to sin?' This time the answer, "By no means!" is based on the principle of redemption.

Wholehearted Change

Romans 6:17-18

The good news of the gospel includes this: in Christ we do not have to submit to the tyranny of sin any more ... we are no longer slaves to wickedness.

Naturally Weak

Romans 6:19

Although some Christians like to pretend that they are perpetually godly and always do what is right, it is not true. We are weak in our natural selves.

Walk Free

Romans 6:20-22

Bad habits are difficult to shake off. Until our conversion, our sinful nature was constantly creating and reinforcing patterns of behaviour which offend God.

Wages versus Gifts

Romans 6:23

Every worker knows what wages are. They are the payment for what has been done. Paul says that sin also has its reward.

The Illustration which Illuminates

Romans 7:1-3

Paul used marriage as an illustration of the binding power of any law: and he later wrote about the powerful effect of the 'law of sin'.

Belonging to Christ and Fruitful for God

Romans 7:4-6

In marriage, two people belong to each other. But if one dies, the other is free to marry again and belong to somebody else.