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Upside-down World

Romans 1:24-25

Fantasy can be fun. Many fictional stories/plays/films invite us to explore unreal worlds where important details are the opposite of what you suppose.

Without Restraint

Romans 1:26-28

Every design has its constraints. A chisel cannot be used as a screwdriver without damaging it. A petrol car will not work with diesel fuel, and a computer fails without power.

Filled with Wickedness

Romans 1:29-32

The English writer G K Chesterton said, "When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing ... they believe in anything".

Religious Arrogance

Romans 2:1-4

The Early Church had believers from two different backgrounds: Jews who knew God's law, and Gentiles who had little knowledge of what displeased God.

Storing up Wrath

Romans 2:5-6

Many people would agree that God is love. He therefore cannot stop loving. But at the same time God is totally opposed to sin.

Impartial Judgement

Romans 2:7-11

Paul wanted both Jews and Gentiles to know that God does not have favourites.

Hearing and Doing

Romans 2:12-13

The Jewish community in Rome were proud that they had been favoured by God: He had given His law to them. And so they looked down on the Gentiles, who did not know what would please God.

God's Law in our Hearts

Romans 2:14-16

How do people know what pleases God? The Jews said that they had been given God's law through Moses. But what about people who lived before Moses like Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

Knowing what pleases God without taking action - is blasphemy

Romans 2:17-21a

Religious people take pride in knowing about their faith, but people of true faith act on what they know.

Talking big without walking right is worse than hypocrisy

Romans 2:21b-24

Preaching is dangerous; most of all for the preachers. There is a moral expectation that what they say is what they do.