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Close Spiritual Relationships

Romans 16:5-7

Gospel ministry is not an academic teaching exercise; it is highly relational.

Tried, Tested and Belonging Together

Romans 16:8-11

So many people in Rome had already met Paul. They, like the Apostle, had travelled: at some point they heard the gospel and gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Family Relationships

Romans 16:13-16

When we come to Christ, we also become a part of His family: and the relationships we develop, in the Lord, are very special.

Divisive and Obstructive People

Romans 16:17-18

Paul has just commended a large number of people who shared his ministry vision and built up the church in Rome (Romans 16:1-16).

Obedience, Discernment and Victory

Romans 16:19-20

Paul was pleased with the church in Rome. They had obeyed the Lord and their zeal was well known.

Apprentice, Secretary, Host and Civil Servant

Romans 16:21-23

As Paul signed off his letter to the church in Rome, he sent greetings from eight people who were part of his core ministry team.

Hidden, Revealed, Proclaimed, Believed, Obeyed, and Established

Romans 16:25-27

What a wonderful final paragraph for Paul to write to the believers in Rome. It is a summary of the gospel through which the church came into being.