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Making Others Stumble and Fall

Romans 14:13-16

Destructive criticism is obviously evil: it ruins relationships and reputations. But it is just as wicked to encourage others to go against their conscience.

Relationship not Rules

Romans 14:17-18

All religions have one thing in common - rules! Religion implicitly says, 'obey the rules, or at least try hard, and you will be acceptable'.

Don't Make Other People Fall

Romans 14:19-21

God is working in all of His children. But we all start from a different place to each other (religious, ethnic, social, cultural).

Don't Condemn Yourself

Romans 14:22-23

God is working on all of us; and in each of us in a different way - taking us from where we were to where He wants us.

Strength Expressed in Service

Romans 15:1-3

Our human nature delights to use our own strength for our own purposes. This includes our abilities, possessions, relationships and even the spiritual understanding we treasure.

The Scriptures of Hope

Romans 15:4

In the Bible, 'hope' is a special word which means 'the confident expectation that God will do what He has promised".

Endurance and Encouragement

Romans 15:5-6

Endurance is our ability to keep going despite hardship, suffering and opposition. But where does it come from?

Included in Christ

Romans 15:7-10

It must have been difficult for the believers in Rome, who had a Jewish background.

Overflowing with Hope

Romans 15:11-13

It is horrible to be excluded.

Knowledgeable but Needing to Learn Again

Romans 15:14-16

Although we may know that something is true, it is not always easy to apply it in a new context. Neither is it always obvious how we should teach others.