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Responding to Evil

Romans 12:17-21

In our sinful world, evil is everywhere. Evil people with evil intentions do bad things, and we are harmed by it.

Submit to Authority

Romans 13:1-2

Some Christians separate their loyalty to God from their obligation to their government, society or workplace.

Government is God's Servant

Romans 13:3-5

The Roman Empire was noted for its fair legal system and strong administration of conquered territories.

Christians Pay Tax

Romans 13:6-7

Running a country costs a lot of money. Civil administration, police and military forces are expensive; so are roads, health and legal services.

The Debt of Love

Romans 13:8-10

Following on from Paul's instruction to pay whatever taxes the civil authorities demand (Romans 13:6-7), the Apostle now says that no debt should be left unpaid. If you owe money, pay it quickly.

Wake up to Reality

Romans 13:11-12

Naturally, we all settle into a routine of life, assuming that the work we have to do, and the people to whom we relate, will remain constant.

Behaviour Starts in the Mind

Romans 13:13-14

In the same way that a child has to be taught how to behave, the Christian disciple has to learn how to live in such a way that Jesus is glorified.

Accepting Legitimate Differences

Romans 14:1-4

Ancient Rome was full of idol shrines and pagan worship. When people became Christians, they knew it was foolish and wrong to worship false gods.

The Fully Convinced Mind

Romans 14:5-8

On what basis do most of us make our decisions? It would be nice to think that we come to clear conclusions on the basis of obvious facts.

The Foolishness of Criticism

Romans 14:9-12

While constructive criticism is a helpful part of academic discipline and business relationships, socially, criticism which is personally motivated is destructive and in the church it is a menace.