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Who gets the Glory?

Romans 15:17-19a

Boasting about ourselves is wrong. It is one of the expressions of worldly passion and does not come from the Father (1 John 2:15-17).

Prioritised Ambitions

Romans 15:19b-22

The Apostle Paul had wanted to go to Rome for a long time. It was the centre of the Roman Empire and the international hub of communications.

Planning Towards Godly Goals

Romans 15:23-24

There is nothing wrong with planning, as long as we plan to please God and are willing to change our plans to fit in with His (James 4:13-15).

Serving the Poor

Romans 15:25-27

The gospel started in God's heart of love. It was His love and compassion that planned salvation and has enabled us to hear how we may be saved - by putting our trust in Jesus Christ.

Christ's Blessing Travels with Us

Romans 15:28-29

Paul's travel plans were made because of his call from God to preach the gospel, and the inner impulse of his godly ambitions.

Praying Together Through the Struggle

Romans 15:30

Living for Jesus and serving Him is an adventure; we never know what will happen next!

Strangely Answered Prayer

Romans 15:31-32

Paul knew that his visit to Jerusalem would be dangerous. The unbelieving Jews were certainly a threat, and those who trusted in Christ needed great encouragement.

Personal Peace with God

Romans 15:33

Although the Apostle Paul anticipated that there would be trouble ahead, he was also confident that God would be with him and with the Christians in Rome.

More than a Postal Service

Romans 16:1-2

People are important! As Paul completed his letter about doctrine (teaching from God), he commended a wide variety of people who had already put the teaching into practice.

Mobile in Mission

Romans 16:3-4

Priscilla and Aquila were willing to be on the move for the sake of the gospel. Aquila was from Pontus in what is now Western Turkey.