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God's Gospel Patience

Romans 10:18-21

The gospel message should not have been new to the Jews in Rome. It was found throughout the Old Testament scriptures.

Amazing Grace

Romans 11:1-6

In one way, the Old Testament narrative is sad: God's law is rejected, His people wander from Him and the hope of a Messiah fades.

The Bitter End

Romans 11:7-10

For centuries, the Children of Israel had resisted God's Word.

The Rich Privilege of Salvation

Romans 11:11-12

The gospel gave equal rights to both Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus. The Jews should not try to displace the Gentile believers, and the Gentiles should not look down on the Jews.

Throwing Salvation Away

Romans 11:13-16

Most people can remember the anguish of realising that something precious has been thrown away. It was not intentional, but careless.

Unbelief is Dangerous

Romans 11:17-21

Paul wrote that ancient Israel was like an olive tree stump, and the Gentile believers were like branches from wild olive trees that have been grafted into the 'root' of Israel.

Kindness and Sterness

Romans 11:22-24

Some think that God is only kind to people; while others think that He is only stern. The Bible says that He is both kind and stern at the same time, depending on our response to His promises.

God Knows How to Save

Romans 11:25-27

Today's passage contains a puzzle, because Paul writes that "all Israel will be saved". Clearly, God's ancient people had become hard against Jesus.

God Knows How to Save (Part 2)

Romans 11:28-32

The story behind these verses is straightforward. God had chosen Israel to be His special people; however they did not respect the privilege He gave them, and they hated His Son Jesus.

How Big is God?

Romans 11:33-36

This passage is one of the Bible's big statements about the limitless character and power of God.