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Dynamic Faith

James 2:18-19

Faith is not just an intellectual concept or an emotional experience.

Trust God Even When it Seems Ridiculous

James 2:20-22

Would you obey God, even if that would ruin everything that you have lived for? Abraham did (cf Gen 22:1-19)!

Trust and Obey

James 2:23-24

God tested Abraham, right down to the wire, to see if he was willing to sacrifice his most treasured son. As Genesis Ch.

Real Faith Gets Active

James 2:25-26

The Bible can make 'good people' feel uncomfortable. Rahab was a prostitute in Jericho, but, despite her immoral lifestyle, she believed what God was going to do.

Teacher's Performance

James 3:1-2

It is reasonable for us to expect a higher standard of motoring skills from a driving instructor, than from somebody who has just started to drive.

Tiny but Powerful

James 3:3-5

Horse riders can use a variety of bits in the animal's mouth, but the effect of all of them is to provide a means of applying a little pressure on the bare 'bars' or gums of the lower jaw, between

Tongues from Hell

James 3:6

Hell is the English translation of Gehenna, a place in the Valley of Hinnom, south of Jerusalem, where child sacrifices were offered in the time of Jeremiah (cf Jer 7:31).

Beware Dangerous Animals

James 3:7-8

James has previously likened the tongue to a horse's bit and bridle, a ship's rudder and a fire. Now he says that our mouth can harbour a wild animal that cannot be tamed, with a poisonous bite.

Double Standards and Quality Control

James 3:9-12

The mess that our world is in, all started with the forked-tongue of Satan.

From Words to Action

James 3:13

Some people are known for being 'all mouth'. They talk big but cannot deliver.